Second Vice President meets U.S Ambassador Michael McKinley

Second Vice President on Thursday afternoon meets Ambassador Michael McKinley, during the meeting the issues related to holding election, distribution of electronic ID card and other issues of mutual interest were discussed. First the U.S Ambassador congratulated Eid ul adha to Second Vice president and to the people of Afghanistan; he also wished permanent peace […]

Second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danish Receives Deputy Chief of Mission – U.S. Embassy

Mohammad Sarwar Danish, Second Vice President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, met on Saturday 30 July 2:00 PM with David E. Lindwall Deputy Chief of Mission U.S. Embassy. H.E. Second Vice President said, the issues and challenges facing electoral reform and holding elections for parliamentary and district councils are resolved, and the election going to […]

The law committee of Cabinet passed a bill to increase the compensation of under risk healthcare staff

on Sunday 19 Jun 2014 The law committee of Cabinet which was chaired by His excellency Sarwar Danish “ Second Vice Present “ and Chairman of the committee, has been approved a bill to rise the compensation of under risk healthcare staff . In these meeting two bills were introduced for approval, the bill of […]

Vice President Danish meets Chargé daffier of Japan embassy

In the meeting that took place in Sedarat Uzma palace. The Charge daffier of Japan embassy said, his country is one of the biggest donor for development project in Afghanistan, and helping Afghan government in infrastructure development. He also added Japan is giving priority to fund those projects which is agreed by all Afghans. Vice […]

We concerns, gabs between the government & people; VP

On May 9, 2016 USA Ambassador, Mr. Mike Mac Kennelly met the Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh here in Sedarat-e-Uzma Palace and discussed variety of topics including conducting election, electoral reforms as well as transmission of Turkmenistan 500 Volt electricity to Afghanistan. Meeting USA’s Ambassador, the country’s vice president said, we concern about establishing of […]

Laws Committee Approves Legal Documents Action Plan

On May 8, 2016, the law committee session was held under the chairmanship of the second vice president Sarwar Danesh at Gul Khana Palace. Based on priority of session the legislative action (work) plan for the year 2016 was discussed and approved. Opening the session the vice president said any programs set to launched for […]

MPFPRL director meets vice president

On April 18, 2016, Mr. Tillman Ryder director of Max Plank Foundation for Peace and Rule of Law (MPFPRL) met the second vice president Sarwar Danesh herein Sedarat-e-Uzma Palace. In the meeting, MPFPRL director briefed about the foundation’s cooperation to Afghanistan government in the fields of legal issues and rule of law. Praising the foundation […]

Taliban, supports to bear heavy defats, VP

The second vice president Sarwar Danesh hosted all participants and guests of the International Symposium for Amir Ali Shir Nawayee, at the Intercontinental hotel Tuesday night. Meeting the guests and participants of the symposium the vice president addressed; as far as all tribes and politician and civil activists are standing beside the government and are […]

Draft laws on expropriation, urban development and housing, lands setting, approved

On April, 10th, 2016, the committee on law sessional meeting was hold under the chairmanship of the Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh, herein Gul Khana Palace. In the meeting the draft laws on expropriation, land setting, urban development and housing and municipalities were fully discussed. Opening the meeting the Vice President said, there are close […]

VP; stress on serious reforms of judicial and security organization

On April 4, 2016, Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh introduced appoint minister of interior ministry Taj Mohammad Jahid, appoint chief for Attorney General Office Farid Hamidi and appoint member for Supreme Court Mohammad Zaman Sangari to Lower House of Parliament for vote confidence. Addressing in general session of the house, vice president pointed about the […]